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  • Wait, no. I just learned that my parents scheduled something for me during that hour, shit. Can we do this on Sunday?
    Wonderful, what's your GMT? Respond with that and what time you want to battle, and We'll battle tommorow. Or you could get on the PO server right now and challenge me. I'll wait until the hour, if you aren't there, I'll assume that you've figured things out.
    Yes, I'm pressuring you, deal with it. Please just VM me what times work for you, your Smogon name, and I can work it out then. Or if you see we're both online then just yell at me to battle.
    GUESS WHAT! Round 3 is up, and we're opponents. Even better, we're both online! Come on Smogon

    Edit: Wait no, it's crashed, go on PBC instead
    Edit 2: Nevermind, I have to go now. I honesly don't know why you didn't join PBC when the server was down, but I bet it had something to do with the horribleness of the people on there. Anywhom, My GMT is -8 and I can normally battle from 4 PM to 10 PM, local time.
    Hey, lolcat. We're up to battle in round two of the SPL. So, when's convenient for you? I'm on GMT, and am pretty much free til next Thursday at about any time.
    A few hours earlier, say 7-9 PM of your time? It translates to 8-10 AM here, and my parents are usually outdoors then so I can get sneaky and PO then. :)

    13 hours time difference... looks like one of us really needs to stay up late @ night :(
    i'm a student so i doubt my parents are gonna let me do. sorry. :(
    Slowbro can outspeed Ho-Oh without modifiers. Pokemon makes no sense.

    alright my timezone's atm +0 exactly (England holiday w/e), so I can be on between 5pm to like 11pm when needed.
    hey wassup

    We're up against each other in in-game tourney round 3, celestial tower.

    Makin' my team as soon as possible.

    Tell me your timezone and when you can play, and I'll try to adapt to that.
    ok well i'm central time so here is my plans (all times are CST): i am not able to battle on these times: monday 0800-1700, tuesdays 0800-2000, Wed... 0800-1700, thur.. 0800-1730 fri 0800- 1800
    If that is every week then it will be a problem. If it is only this week then it should be fine.
    So I heard you wanted to do a C&C. In that case, try searching for a Pokemon you're interested in and try contacting the OP author; he or she may not be interested in the analysis right now.
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